Welcome to the HomeGranite National Network of Granite Companies.

This page is for granite fabrication companies only.

Home Granite approves only one granite company in each area based on the following criteria.

1. Must be a full service granite company with its own fabrication facility.
2. Must have proven excellence in quality and customer service.
3. Must have over five years of experience in the granite industry serving homeowners.

The above criteria will provide a homeowner with the best source for their home project needs. Therefore, we restrict access to the HomeGranite referrals to only one approved granite company for each area. Areas that are already covered by one granite company are not available unless the HomeGranite affiliate discontinues membership.

Some areas of the country are still available and you can search your area by clicking your state on the right of this page.

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After submitting this form, we will call you to confirm if your area is available. We will also discuss your qualifications and the entire program in detail. After a short trial period, we must confirm your account status and lock-in your area in order to be an official HomeGranite Network Affiliate.

This affiliate relationship is non-binding and can be terminated at anytime without future obligation. This affiliation is limited to HomeGranite providing you with homeowner's information and does not include any additional service or liability on the part of HomeGranite.

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